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You can never get too creative when it comes to your space, functionality and style is the name! Create the luxury you dream about without breaking your bank account or your wallet. Our glass shower door and glass partitions for walls products and services aim to facilitate your experience in the process of remodeling your place to give it that fresh new look. Our prices are designed to fit your budget and are just a complimentary ” thank you for choosing Sea Of Glass”.

Glass wall panels have many applications in a wide variety of office settings. From corporate or home office spaces to medical buildings, the use of glass walls and glass office partitions creates a more inviting and open space that you or even your clients will love… CONTINUE READING

The basic elements of design include color, shape, space and value. These are the fundamental pieces that make up any piece of work. If you ever decide to create your own design these elements will be the very first steps you will need to follow to see your ideas come true… CONTINUE READING

The truth is that if you want your bathroom to look neater and more modern, you will prefer a frameless shower door. Glass is the style of this modern century, it adds that touch of elegance and value to your bathroom, and it is more durable than a shower curtain… CONTINUE READING 

Every well-designed home should have a mirror—or several, since the designs and functions of mirrors really run the gamut. Some are purely for checking your “selfie” out, others predominantly bounce light around, and there’s a whole class that seems purely for decoration, due to their unique finish. CONTINUE READING

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